89-Year-Old Woman Bakes Pies For The Needy

An 89-year-old woman in England has baked over 100 pies for the elderly and needy during the pandemic.

Les Nicoll shared a photo of Flo Osborne on Facebook and is asking for people to share her story since the local news is not interested in doing it.

This is what Nicoll wrote:

“Hi Facebook friends I want to create a long overdue post in praise of the wonderful Flo Osborne.

Flo is 89 years young and lives in Sheltered accommodation in Dovercourt.

During lockdown and beyond on in her tiny kitchen on several occasions Flo has cooked up to 20 wonderful fruit or meat pies. Well over 100 in total for us to distribute amongst the vulnerable and elderly through our NEST /Harwich community centres hot meals service.

Every pie is made from scratch, the pastry mixed and rolled the fruit prepared and then cooked in her tiny oven.

This is I believe a remarkable act of community kindness, also a huge victory over age and supposed infirmity.

My frustration is that try as I may I cannot get the local press, radio or TV to write about the incredible work this wonderful lady has done in her community.

Of course Facebook has more readers by far than any of the above.

So I am asking you to share the hell out of this and make the amazing Flo a social media hero.”