Food Writer Who Misses Restaurants Opens Her Own… For A Chipmunk

A freelance food writer in Atlanta has found a way to cope with being home all the time during the pandemic.

She opened her own a restaurant … for a chipmunk.

Angela Hansberger told Bon Appetit that it all started when her uncle sent a tiny wooden picnic table in the mail.

“It was intended for hanging on a tree for squirrels,” says Hansberger, “but I took a shortcut and sat it out on the porch, putting a few walnuts left over from Christmas on top. By the time I’d walked the box to the recycling bin, a chipmunk had taken a seat at the wee table.”

Hansberger says he comes to the table every day now, sometimes sitting at the table waiting for her. She searched online for what she can feed chipmunks in order to prepare different meals for her regular customer.

“He is the diner critiquing my meals; I am the chef and the server, waiting for positive reviews.”

Over the past few months, Hansberger’s Instagram feed has shifted from shots of the newest restaurants and meticulous chef platings to this little guy encountering a new setup and new variations on his favorite flavors each day.

“Bringing a little joy to others is the secret sauce that quells my pandemic anxiety,” she says. “Messages from strangers who found my munk via social media keep me going.”